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The Brandwise Studio is comprised of our industry-leading products providing powerful technology tools for Agencies, Sales Reps, and Suppliers. The Brandwise Studio help sales reps be more valuable to retailers by arming them with engaging digital presentations, intuitive order capture tools, sales order management and automated order delivery, B2B eCommerce websites, and robust reporting data to guide purchase decisions.

You’ll find the Brandwise Studio products integrate with each other to work seamlessly for a buying and selling experience that delivers real value. The Brandwise Studio is the complete enterprise solution you’ve been looking for. It makes established businesses more efficient and can grow with emerging brands to meet their unique needs

Play for iPad dashboard on an iPad Pro
Brandwise Play logo

Product presentations that stand out

Play offers an industry-leading order capture experience and engaging digital product presentations on your iPad, PC, or online. Selling in the showroom or on the road has never been easier than with Play!

Vision for iPad gives you powerful sales analytics and reporting on the go! Access customer specific reports, including: trailing 12-month sales, invoice, Reach and supplier history, as well as visibility to orders with future ship dates.  

Brandwise Stream logo

Automate your busy work

Suppliers no longer need to manually key in orders with Stream. Reduce errors and processing time. Stream securely delivers orders directly to your ERP or accounting system. Order processing has never been so efficient than with Stream!

Insight is an optional reporting add-on to Stream. Gain critical insight into the performance of products, sales reps, customers, agencies, and more. Insight is your go-to for real-time data for real-time decisions.

Brandwise Stream running on a laptop computer
Brandwise Reach B2B eCommerce sites running on a phone, a tablet, a laptop PC, and an HDTV
Brandwise Reach logo

Sell online as easily as in person

Put the internet to work for you! Let your retailers order online 24/7 through Reach. Sales Reps can collaborate with retailers, providing a best in class B2B eCommerce experience with Reach 2.0. 

Brandwise Vision logo

Optimize for your audience

Put the power of essential business analytics at your fingertips to sell more strategically in a highly competitive marketplace. Visualize how your sales force and retailers are performing through detailed reports.

Brandwise Vision 360 on a laptop computer
Hand holding money
Brandwise Reward logo

Commissions made easy

Track, manage, and automate commission for hassle-free back office operations. Keep your back office admin and sales reps smiling with Reward!

InvoiceXchange increases your efficiency and gives you more time to focus on increasing your revenue. Sales Reps sell smarter by seeing line item detail instead of relying solely invoice total, and your back office team saves time by importing invoices and paying commissions with just the click of a few buttons! 

Brandwise Transit logo

Easily share your product data

Transit makes it easier than ever for Suppliers to share product files. Upload just once, and that data is available to any Agencies connected through their Brandwise Passports.

Brandwise Transit on an iPad
Sign in with your Brandwise Passport screen on phones
Sign in with your Brandwise Passport logo

It all starts with your Passport

Brandwise Passport is a single sign-in profile that connects you with your own teams, businesses you buy and sell with, and Brandwise Studio. You’re always in control of your data and relationships with your Brandwise Passport. 

Passport is now in limited release as a sneak peek. Can't wait? Let us know!

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